• Memorial Book Drive Results

    Books! Books everywhere! It's been just over a month and the number of donations we have seen to public libraries, schools, and more have been steadily coming in. In the end we were able to donate 378 books of all different genre's for all different age groups. You guys rock!

    Thank you all for participating! Maybe we'll do something like this for Toys For Tots in the winter. What do you guys think? Anyhow, check after the break for pictures of all the books donated.



    4th Annual Book Swap and Sale I set up at my local elementary school. We collect old books, and children can come in and trade in one of their old books for a new one, or buy them cheap ($.25 each). Proceeds go to an orphanage in Kenya (+$400 this year) and the event promotes summer reading for elementary students. A very easy event for anyone to set up: just coordinate with the school's principal, put out flyers in the neighborhoods you are collecting from, saying you will pick them up on a certain date or to leave them at a certain address if they can't make it then, and then make posters around the school (with permission), put promotes in the school's newsletters, and get the word out. Use the school's MPR/Gym/large area with tables and organize them by target age. I had some pictures from the last event, so I'll send them in for the Golden Oaks Memorial Book Drive.


    Pony With No Name

    Evan and Emma




    The first picture is of the books then and from top-left to bottom-right they are:
    Farseer Trilogy (the entire series of 3 books and the only english books of these)
    The Lord of the Rings  (the entire series in a nice box, swedish)
    Chronicles of Ancient Darkness  (also known as Wolf Brothers)(part 5 "Oath Breaker", swedish)
    Tales of the Otori (the entire series of 3 books, swedish)
    The Sword of Truth (part 1-14 (doubles of part 8), swedish)

    All in all there is 26 books in this giveaway.



    Team Twilight hears the news.

    ​Umm... Twilight... That might be too big for you to take on your own...(It was drizzling that day.)

    ​Rainbow Dash wanted to tag along (of course she did). 

    ​We made it! (Rainbow Dash beat us.)








    Photo of AJ donating/book bucking twelve books, including her copy of "Garden Smarts", in memory of the Golden Oaks Library and happy times there. 


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