• Vendors and Merch at BUCK 2014 #3

    BUCK is looking to have tons of vendors when the big event opens to the public later this year! Check on after the break for another look at what you can expect.

    Vendors and Merch at BUCK 2014 #3 – Still Not Enough Pony!

    One of the best things about BUCK 2014 being at Manchester Central is that we’ve got so much more space – that means all of this merch to choose from! In today’s selection we’ve got everything from Collectable Card Games to Leather book bindings and key rings!

    Examples of everything here can be seen on our website HERE!

    Mare Play UK
    Official licensed MLP merchandise

    BUCK’s official sponsor and supplier of official pony merch!
    Mare Play UK is the frontrunner in providing the community with the best MLP merchandise in the UK.
    Leading the negotiations to get new products – such as the well-received trading cards – into the UK, we strive to help the community get hold of the merchandise that matters to you.

    Buck: Legacy
    The Pony Fantasy Dungeon Crawling RPG Card Game

    Urban Meadows is back for a third year, bringing a new line of Buck: Legacy card game products and accessories.
    Buck: Legacy is a fantasy pony dungeon exploring card game for 2-6 players, with over 250+ gorgeously illustrated by all your favourite artists.
    Try the game for yourself at the Buck: Legacy panel!

    Pegasus Embroidery UK
    Embroidered clothing, patches, plushes & more

    From shirts to hoodies, scarves, badges and pocket squares, Pegasus Embroidery aim to help fellow bronies clothe themselves and accessories fabulously.

    Crochet is Magic!
    Varied crochet clothing

    All sorts of crochet items, especially scarfs, gloves, and wristbands inspired and in semblance of our favourite ponies! The Mane Six, the Princesses and a whole bunch of other ponies will be available as crocheted clothing.

    Physical pen and pencil sketch commissions of OCs

    Known primarily as an artist within the Fallout: Equestria fandom, InLucidReverie will be selling art prints based on the story itself with the blessing of the author. Whether a fan or not, make sure to check the stall out, as he's willing to draw whatever you want then and there!

    Creepy's Craft'n Art Corner
    Buttons, sculptures and leathercraft goods

    Buttons are magic and so are the bronies from Slovakia and Czech Republic who designed them! Come – take a look! Its badgalanche! Stay a while and browse! But wait, there is more! Sculptures, necklaces, bracelets, belts, book covers – the list goes on! Buckle up ponies, it’s dealtime!

    The Alicorn Mafia
    Five Pony artists from the world of tumblr – Dennybutt, AlSkylark, Tracymod, Ayasha & BrainedBySaucepans – gathered together for nefarious (and artistic) purposes. We will be selling art prints and badges and will we be taking sketch commissions.

    Twitter: Calpain