• Crystal Fair 2014 Recap

    With just under two weeks to go, Crystal Fair is doing one last promotional push before the big day! With loads of events, guests, and vendors it's looking to be a lot of fun.

    Check after the break for the full rundown and get your ticket while you can!

    Hey, everypony!

    It’s almost July, so it’s time to take a look at what’s going to be happening at Crystal Fair 2014. There’s been so many announcements over the last two years that some of them may have slipped under your radar.

    The convention will he held between the 4th and the 6th of July, 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. The venue will be Finlandia Hall, a building that has a reputation as one of the classiest congress and concert halls in Finland.

    Anneli Heed, Daniel Ingram and Tabitha St. Germain will be gracing the convention with their presence as Guests of Honour. They will be attending their own panels, and a Q&A session where they will answer your questions about their careers, opinions and everything else that you might think of!

    In addition, several different kinds of lectures, panels, competitions and workshops will be held every day. Among them will be a Wife Throwing Contest with cute Cadance Ball Plushies, Autograph Sessions, and Photoshoots!

    From within the Fandom itself, several respected musicians, artists and other creative minds are coming to Crystal Fair as Community Guests, including EileMonty, SimGretina, Przewalski’s Ponies and Huussi. You can find the complete list here.

    Several of them will also be performing at Operation: PON3, the Crystal Fair Saturday Night Party at Nosturi. More information can be found here.

    And speaking of music, the Crystal Fair theme song was just released! It was composed by the amazing TeiThePony, with cover art by Rautakoura, both of whom are attending the convention as Community Guests!

    More news will be published as we get closer to the convention weekend, so remember to keep up with the announcements! You can find them (and get in touch with us) here:

    Twitter: Calpain