• Rumor: Possible Pony Reference in New Transformers: Age of Extinction

    We have absolutely no way to confirm this considering they are coming out of early showings, but it sounds like a scene in the new Transformers: Age of Extinction movie has a pony reference at one point.

    Spoiler on where it supposedly is below the break from Ranger! It does contain minor movie spoilers if you are worried about that sort of thing.

    During the middle of primary action in the film, a quick cutaway to the lab in which scientists are testing the element "Transformium" that is the metal all autobots and decepticons are made of, used to transform into anything, the main scientist is seen clearly holding a transformium-made Rainbow Dash for all to see. This wasn't subtle, but on-screen for about 3-4 seconds before dissolving/transforming into something else. The computer nearby, controlling the element shows an outline of Rainbow Dash with the words "My Little Pony" above it.
    Thanks to Ranger and Peter for Sending it!