• Music of the Day #333

    They should just make tiny pointy fangs a permanent thing on Fluttershy. If you are going to drop a cute nuke, go all the way.

    And below the break, more music of the day stuff! Get some.

    [1] Source
    Kaoss Walker- She Has Wings Now
    Instrumental - Metal

    [2] Source
    Sean.M- Cutie Mark Crusaders Forever March Op.29

    [3] Source
    They Call Me The Great - Callenby
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [4] Source
    MLP - Apples To The Core (Allar Remix)

    [5] Source
    Rain - Cyphers Wolf

    [6] Source
    Spectra - Sunshine Pegasus
    Instrumental - Dance

    [7] Source
    MiJyn - Darkness Awakens
    Instrumental - Orchestral