• Everfree Northwest 2014: Art Track, Event Schedule, and Vendor Map Announcement

    With Everfree just under two weeks away the staff of the west coast's biggest pony convention are pleased to announce not only their event schedule and vendor map, but their art track as well!

    Check on after the break for all the info.

    Art is one of the staples of the MLP fandom and there is surely no lack of it at Everfree Northwest! Featuring events like our Meet the Artists hangout, panels like How to Draw Ponies (for both Beginners and Advanced artists), our Arts and Crafts room, and our Pony Video and PMV Contest, Everfree Northwest has the (art) thing for you! Check our descriptions of all our art panels and events below.

    Art Events and Panels:

    Arts and Crafts Room
    From coloring pages, drawing and the Canterlot box fort to drawing classes and puppet making, come join us for some creative fun for all ages. Also featuring facepainting in the morning on Saturday and Sunday!

    How to Draw Ponies (Beginner and Advanced)
    This event was so popular last year that we've decided to hold it again-- twice! Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced professional who wants to refine your skills, we have the panel for you. Hosted by members of the subreddit r/mlpdrawingschool, multiple artists will be on hoof to provide personalized feedback and personal instruction.

    Meet the Artists
    Do you like to draw ponies? Do you want to meet other artists who like to draw ponies, too? If so, come meet a bunch of your fellow and favorite pony artists in this informal get-together. Draw things! Talk awkwardly at each other! There will be cake*! (*Note: Cake may be a lie.)

    From Script to Screen
    The Writers in Harmony crew takes you on a journey through the process of creating an animation covering everything from screenwriting, voice acting, music and animation, with the showing of two brand new works. Featuring works from Last Stand of Harmony and Pika Petey.

    Ponies and Pantones: The Art and Design of Friendship is Magic
    The world of Equestria is a colorful and magical place and that's no accident! Everything from the shapes of the clouds, colors of background ponies, and the layout of Ponyville have a reason and artistic meaning. Hosted by professional graphic designer and fanartist KefkaFloyd, you'll learn the hows and whys for the art direction of the show, toy packaging, and comics and how it influences viewers of all ages. You'll also learn how to improve your own art and design with discussions on composition, color theory, and typography.

    Pony Video and PMV Contest
    Saturday mornings just would not be complete without cold cereal and cartoons. Come join us while we watch a bunch of pony music videos and other fan-created animation. After watching a bunch of great fan-made PMVs and Pony Videos, we also be showing the entries for and giving out prizes to the winners of the Everfree Northwest 2014 animation contest!

    If you’re interested in submitting something to the Pony Video and PMV contest, we’re still accepting submissions until June 27th at 11:59pm. Contest details are available at everfreenw.com/pmvcontest

    … But wait, there’s more!

    We know that with all these events and panels (EFNW has over 100 panels and events this year!) it may be hard to keep track of everything. Thankfully EFNW has something to help: We’re pleased to announce that our Events Schedule Builder are now live!

    Not only that, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about our amazing Vendor Hall and our Interactive Vendor Map!

    Events Schedule Builder
    We’ve just updated the Everfree Northwest Events page with a new schedule builder! Go to everfreenw.com/events and start planning. Once you’ve found an event, click on it and then click on ‘add to my schedule’ to add it to the ‘My Schedule’ spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.

    Interactive Vendor Map
    Not sure what wonderful goodies you can get at Everfree NW's very own Vendor Hall? Do you want to find out? Then go to everfreenw.com/vendors and get a preview of all our 60+ vendors with our Interactive Vendor Hall Map! Preview our vendors and their wares before you even hit the vendor halls floor! Have a plan and be that much closer to getting that one of a kind pony souvenir.

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