• Derpy, Future Twilight, Celestia, Luna, Rainbow Dash, and Trixie Plushies Revealed from 4DE!

     Previews World has dropped a huge bombshell from 4de, with loads of new plushies on the way. Tired of spaghetti manes and other nonsense cloggin up the merch side?  These guys have the answer to that!

    Below the break, you will find a whole bunch of new ponies on the way, including The Greatest and Most Powerful of ponies.  Yes, shes the best.

    According to the PDF, we can expect these in November Now to make that date come sooner...

    Update: and as a few people have pointed, out, Celestia and Luna are HUGE. 18 inches and 15 inches respectively.

    Thanks to Micheal, Thomas, Jakie, and everyone else for sending them!