• Upcoming MLP Book Pre-orders No Longer Available Due to Issue with Amazon and Hatchett

    Something odd is going on at Amazon.  A bunch of books that were previously available for pre-order are no longer available.  As Amy Keating Rogers points out over on Twitter, it looks like a dispute between Hachette and Amazon is to blame.  An article over in the New York Times goes into detail about an ongoing war between various publishers and the online super-site over the cost of hosting books in their market. 

    Fortunately, if you have already pre-ordered it sounds like you are safe according to these guys.  For now, you can get both books over at Barnes and Noble.  The Daring Do series is here, and Journal of the Two sisters over here.

    Hopefully it all blows over! I bet I'm not the only one with a ridiculous amount of Amazon gift cards. That Daring Do set is pretty awesome.

    Thanks to Micheal and everyone else for the heads up!