• GalaCon Announces More Community Guests!

    Thanks to an incredibly successful fundraising campaign, GalaCon has raised enough money to fly in some more well known community guests such as Jan, ShadyVox, and more! Check on after the break for the full list as well as a new donation incentive in the form of an awesome GalaCon exclusive coffee mug.

    Hello everyone!
    We can't say it enough – Many, many thanks for your support! Thanks to your generosity at our   crowdfunding,  TheLivingTombstone and CrikeyDave will make it to GalaCon without any trouble. They'll be a wonderful addition for our events. The same, however, definitely goes for the creators of the first promo, who will also be on their way to GalaCon:
    JanAnimations – Quite possibly the most wellknown animation artist in the pony fandom, and not just well known for his unique laugh, but his unique style as well! Keroro GunsouSouth Park or copyright protected equines – Jan has given these franchises and more his incredibly talented treatment.
    ShadyVox – From Jaden in YuGiOh GX Abridged to gamer pony Button Mash – Shady is one of those voices that you've surely come across online before. He's even provided voices for videogames such as Dust – An Elysian Tail in which he portrays a soldier. Shady also successfully pursues music as a passion, with the composition and mix of Don't Mine At Night being a good example.
    But before we close our StartNext for good this year and get the gifts ordered, we got one last extra for you: A neat mug for all artists, writers, animators, musicians and fans who'd like something new to put their favorite drink into! The design Super Soda Sisters was created by the wonderful Acesential with all of our gratitude! If you’d like this mug, don’t forget to get yours today at our StartNext!
    We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon – Only 9 weeks until we'll meet in Ludwigsburg!

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