• My Little Pony Gameloft Game Offering Reveals at Different Tiers of Likes

    What better way to get those Facebook likes than a good old fashioned campaign? Gameloft is offering the next expansion, character reveals, secret content, and a community requested pony at everywhere from 265k-280k likes.  If you want to join in on it, head on over here.

    And in other news, I just discovered that they have a whopping 10 million + downloads on this thing with Android alone.  Phoe tells me this is that 12 year old girl target market we hear so much about but don't actually see. 10 million is pretty incredible.

    With the success of that one, when are we going to get us a legit non-mobile pony game?  Make it happen Hasbro!

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up! Been a while since we saw that name in the credits here.