• Hasbro's 3D Printing Push Adds Trademark

    (Note: Image only used as an example, not the actual design)

    Hasbro has filed a Trademark application focusing specifically on their new 3D Printing lineup hinted at a while back. One thing to note is that the actual name is going with "ALLSPARK",  which is usually reserved for Transformers.  It wouldn't be too far fetched to see them move toward pony though, considering how massive of a push it seems to have in their investing summits. 

    Computer software for creating, designing, modifying, customizing, sharing and saving computer generated representations capable of being printed by a three dimensional printer to create physical objects, namely, jewelry, ornaments, arts objects, artifacts, household goods, toys, games, hobby models, accessories, office products, and various other consumer products

    You can find it over here!

    Thanks to @Cheezedoodle96 for the heads up.

    (inb4 more Equestria Girls merch =[ )