• The Brony Fandom: Standing Together

    There are a lot of fandoms out there, touching everything from Harry Potter to oldschool X-files.  With the rise of the internet they have only gotten stronger as people find ways to communicate that just weren't available years ago.  Pony started up during the prime of this movement, with multiple forms of Social sites fueling this new surge of people getting togeather and just celebrating something fun. The very nature of this show fosters online relationships like nothing else could. 

    Because of this, we are probably one of the largest fandoms out there that still maintains it's a "small community" feel.  If you spend any time at all getting to know a few other pony fans, chances are you will have some connection with just about everyone active within a month or two.

    And so, we have a video by one of the more recent people who benefitted from the army of supporters as his videos were axed from Youtube randomly. Go check it out below!