• Charity drive for FluffyMixer "Fluffle Puff" on Stay Brony My Friends

    Stay Brony My Friends is back once again with another charity drive, this time courtesy of guest FluffyMixer! The charity chosen this time around is Philabundance, a Philadelphia food bank for people in need. As usual there are prizes of course if a certain threshold is reached so check on after the break and help out if you can!

    Stay Brony My Friends is on a roll!! and not a tuna roll, or a coltifornia roll, in fact no sushi at all!

    Our last charity for ALS Society of Canada did awesome! 642 bits were gathered and sent on their way to help those with Lou Gerig's Disease in honor of Brent Hodge, Director of "A Brony Tale"
    This week FluffyMixer, creator of Fluffle Puff and Ask Fluffle Puff Tumbler, joined us on the show for a great big hour and a half of TBBBTBBTBTBTBZBT!

    His charity is called "Philabundance" , Philabundance is a food bank in Philadelphia which helps to close the gap. By reaching out to food producers, restaurant suppliers, grocery wholesalers and the general public, they provide fresh food to over 70,000 people a week. That is some seriously good work! And they are among the most trustworthy of charities, having earned a four-star rating at CharityNavigator.org (a charity watchdog organization).

    By heading over to this link: http://www.manliestbrony.com/blog/?p=1100 you can find out how to help! Give aways this time are a pair of Rainbow Dash P.J. bottoms, 5 packs of Enterplay card game packs, a "TY" Rainbow Dash and a couple of "Pop Outz" fun sets.

    If we break 500 bits, an orginal piece of art featuring Discord and Chrysalis will also be given away.

    Thank you to all of you who help us with these drives! Check out Stay Brony My Friends on YouTube for all the fun you missed live!

    Twitter: Calpain