• Custom Compilation #119

    It's been quite awhile since the last Custom Compilation and there is a reason for that: the flow of customs into our inbox is woefully low. We were only able to put this together thanks to the effort of one dedicated custom pony creator.

    If this feature is to survive please send in your customs! Remember, customs are official merchandise of any kind that has been modified. If you don't make customs please spread the word and tell your friends! I'm willing to accept other generation modifications because some of them are really, really cool so please send in what you can so we can give these artists the spotlight they deserve.

    With that notification out of the way, check out what we have for you guys after the break!

    [1] Source
    Merry Go Round Sunset Shimmer

    [2] Source
    Pinkie Pie and Applejack

    [3] Source
    Derpy Hooves Custom

    [4] Source
    AHS Ponies

    [5] Source
    Liara T'pony - Mass Effect

    [6] Source

    [7] Source
    Kinddom Hearts Ponies

    [8] Source

    [9] Source
    Fleur Dis Lee and Fancy Pants

    [10] Source
    Custom Lucky Swirl brushable

    [11] Source
    Team Rocket Jessie - Custom Pony

    [12] Source
    Absol - Custom Pony

    [13] Source
    2013 Nintendo Swap

    [14] Source
    My little pony custom geisha Misuki

    [15] Source
    Never Ending Story Racing Snail

    [16] Source
    Sunset Shimmer Sea Pony

    [17] Source
    Merle and Daryl Dixon - My Little Pony 6 inch

    [18] Source
    Custom OC Nyx

    [19] Source
    Custom OC Moon Dancer

    [20] Source
    Custom OC Cryla

    [21] Source
    Custom Filly Applejack

    [22] Source
    Blind bag custom Luna show accurate

    [23] Source

    [24] Source
    Cheese Sandwich Custom Pony

    [25] Source
    Custom Chrysalis

    [26] Source
    Mystic Phoenix

    [27] Source
    Wonderbolts F-22 model

    [28] Source
    Come little children

    [29] Source
    Pyramid Head

    [30] Source
    My Little Pony Custom Death the Kid Souleater

    [31] Source
    Raging Twilight sparkle

    [32] Source
    Silver Spoon and Twist-a-Loo show accurate

    [33] Source
    Flitter Mist G4 Custom

    [34] Source
    Malificent Dragon Commission

    [35] Source
    Japan PonyCon Mascot - Poniko

    [36] Source
    Twilight v.2

    [37] Source
    Custom blind bag - Zebra

    [38] Source
    My Little Pony Custom Blindbag: Horsenberg

    [39] Source

    [40] Source
    My little homestuck

    [41] Source
    Twilight Velvet

    [42] Source
    MLP Pinkamena custom doll

    [43] Source
    Coco Pommel Custom (Blind Bag Size)

    [44] Source

    [45] Source
    Ginger Snap

    [46] Source
    Sweet and Elite Rarity custom

    [47] Source
    FROZEN Queen Elsa custom

    [48] Source - Batosan
    Luna's Personal Armor

    [49] Source
    Discord Blindbag

    Twitter: Calpain