• More Speculation: Kazachok Licensing Forum Reveals "Equestria Academy" Series?

    Toymag took a few images from the Kazachok 2014 Licensing Show, or more specifically the Hasbro section.  As with the Russian article, this has once again been translated over, from French this time around.  The big snippet of information listed here is this quote:

    Equestria Girls, the parallel universe that features humanized fillies My Little Pony versions is not forgotten the contrary! Hasbro plans to develop the first movie via a new animated series that should be called Equestria Academy that will introduced in France in November 2014 when Kidexpo!

    With the original already out, this could mean splitting up Rainbow Rocks, or  Unless Toymag is mistaken, we may very well see a brand new mini series of Equestria Girls episodes, titled "Equestria Academy".  

    And on the merch side, they have a bunch of pony stuff up too! Hit that all below! 

    Thanks to Romain for the heads up!