• Convention Compilation - April 29th

    Maud travels the world seeking precious minerals and rocks to add to her ever-growing thesis on the geological history of Equestria.  She uses pony conventions as an excuse to bum free plane tickets.  Would you buy Maud a ticket for the next big one in your area? I bet you would.

    Have some headlines:

    BronyExpo Announcement - Micheal Dangerfield In the Mic Training
    Trotcon - Musicians and Panels
    Japan Ponycon Announces Eile Monty Skype Appearence
    Lunafest Announces Acoustic Brony
    BronyScot Sponsorship Announcement!

    And full press releases below!

    BronyExpo Announcement - Micheal Dangerfield In the Mic Training

    Have you ever wanted to know, or see what it’s like to be a voice actor first hand? Well here’s your chance!

    BronyExpo is happy to announce that Michael Daingerfield founder On The Mic Training (www.onthemictraining.com)will be teaching a special 2 hour class this year at BronyExpo. The class will allow students who are completely new to voice-over to learn the basics for voice over and animation. You’ll be able to pick up the basics and learn some great pointers when it comes to scrip reading!

    The class is limited to 10 people only and costs $55.00 and is open to any BronyExpo attendee!

    Passes for this class can be bought via out website at shop.bronyexpo.com
    starting March 2nd, 2014 at 12pm. So make sure you mark your calendar and set your alarms!

    *PLEASE NOTE: NONE of the BronyExpo passes give you free access to this class, and you will have to pay the $55 to attend it.

    Trotcon - Musicians and Panels

    We at TrotCon hope your spring's going great, because before you know it, it'll be over -- and we'll be celebrating the end of the season and the beginning of summer with a big ol' blowout at TrotCon.

    As the sun sets on spring and ushers in summer, we'll be having our own Summer Sun Celebration with a plethora of musical guests
    . Over not one, but two nights, we'll be pleasing your ears with the sounds of some of the best of what the fandom has to offer, starting Friday night with our rock showcase. Hard rocker Cyril the Wolf will be our main headliner, with some delicious lead-up action from Survivors of the Siege, the Shakeups in Ponyville and Jeff Burgess. Afterward, we'll be closing out the evening with a combo of musicians and rappers, including Nexgen and Aoshi.

    As for Saturday night? It's all rave, baby. For the second year in a row, Eurobeat Brony will play the hits for you fine folk, kicking the party into full gear with some of the fandom's biggest songs. Around him is a smattering of electronic musicians all rearing and ready to get you dancing from early in the evening until late, late, late into the night. You'll need a cold shower and some breakfast once this is over, because it's gonna be morning.

    At various points over the two days, we'll have Illinois' own pony music veteran 7th Element, Los Angeles up-and-comer DJ Garnika, hard-hitting duo Knife Pony, Columbus' own SMOR3S and a flurry of others. In fact, how about we run down the whole list?

    Come to TrotCon to see: Eurobeat Brony, Cyril the Wolf, 7th Element, Additive Subtractive, Aftermath, Aoshi, Chang31ing, DJ Garnika, DJ Lupo B, DJ Tetsuo, Green Tinted Goggles, Jeff Burgess and the Bad Mares, Knife Pony, LizardRock, Mogul Dash, Nexgen, PhillyPu, PonyFireStone, Purity 36.0, SMOR3S, Sonic Breakbeat, Survivors of the Siege, The Shakeups in Ponyville and YourEnigma.

    But as the late and great Billy Mays might say, we're not done!

    We also have the first wave of our panel programming announced for TrotCon 2014. You'll come for the big-name guests like Andrea Libman, Peter New and Heather Breckel, but stay for the extensive amount of programming we'll offer around the clock from the moment the convention opens until the end of closing ceremonies.

    Want to see Chelis, brony stand-up comedian extraordinaire? TrotCon's got you covered. A panel on how messed up G1 My Little Pony could be? Again, you're good. How the military and bronies can -- and do -- intersect? Of course! A plethora of fanfiction panels? Get those pens ready. Improv and episode transcript reading in crazy voices? We thought you'd never ask. We'll even be featuring the wedding of our very own con-chair, Darkly Cute -- and you're invited! Check out a partial list of panels here
    , with more to come.

    Sound like a good time? Then come on out to TrotCon, this June 20-22 at the Sheraton Columbus at Capitol Square in Columbus, Ohio, and help us celebrate this amazing fandom.

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    Japan Ponycon Announces Eile Monty Skype Appearence

    Japan PonyCon is excited to announce that famed singer, actress and voice talent
    Eile Monty will be making a skype call appearance for Japan PonyCon, May 4th.
    Eile is known for her powerful singing, spot on characterizations, incredible voice range,
    and overall excellent sense of humor, and Japonies are excited to hear from her!
    Eile Monty's call will be the final event of Japan PonyCon before our epic dance party,
    “The Prance Floor” begins, and we cannot think of a better way to start up the music
    than by an interview with such a talented performer.

    Japan PonyCon will take place May 4th, 2014 in Ohji, Tokyo, Japan.
    Pre-registration is open until April 29th http://ponycon.jp/index.html

    Lunafest Announces Acoustic Brony

    Lunafest announces Acoustic Brony with the full band and opens tickets for sale

    Lunafest, the brony music festival in Hamburg, Germany, gladly announces Acoustic Brony as special guests. They will perform with their full band live on stage in front of a well lit partyarea. Party to all your favorite songs with up to 1000 other bronies!

    To reserve your ticket now! Just go to www.lunafest.eu

    and go to the ticket area to secure your place at the festival!

    BronyScot Sponsorship Announcement!

    Obligatory Super Smash Bros. reference out of the way, it’s time for this weeks first big announcements! We’re proud to announce that Mareplay UK, the UK’s largest retailer of My Little Pony Merchandise is officially sponsoring BronyScot. Be sure to check out their vendor stand on the weekend and in the mean time head over to their websiteto view their amazing stock. Mareplay will be hosting a grand raffle during the con where they’ll be a ton of great prizes to be won, so don’t miss out.

    This is only the start of this week’s big news (big news is like big data, but requires less server space), there’s something even bigger coming later in the week. Keep your eyes hooked on our Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates.