• Fox News Interviews Brent Hodge and Ashleigh Ball

    News keeps coming in about A Brony Tale after it premiered at Tribeca! Brent Hodge sent in this little interview he and Ashleigh did for Fox News that actually turned out to not be half bad! Check it out at the link below for some more details on the documentary.

    Have a small summary from our friend Ian!

     FOX NEWS interviewed director Brent Hodge and Ashleigh Ball, voice of
    Applejack and Rainbow Dash, on their soon to be released documentary
    "A Brony Tale", delving into why bronies are bronies.

    "You think these guys are just weird, and we were definitely creeped
    out at the start and scared as well, but as we kept going [with] the
    film it just started getting normal," Hodge said.

    Ashleigh went on to say, "A lot of these people, their lives are
    changed by this movement . . . they found each other through this
    fandom. They maybe don’t feel comfortable in normal social settings
    and they’ve found other people like them that they can connect with on
    a social level. Overall, it’s a really positive thing."

    Fox News: A Brony Tale

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