• MLP: CCG Canterlot Nights: The Power of Kindness Compels You!

    The first expansion for the My Little Pony CCG may be called Canterlot "Nights," but that hardly means Princess Celestia is going to sit on the sidelines! Today we're going to expand our spoiler coverage by showing off two cards in Yellow... and maybe a little something extra. More below the break:

    Let's start by talking about the Princess of the Sun herself!

    When the Sun rises in the morning it's time to wake up, so when Princess Celestia, Bringer of Light shows up on the scene she helps rouse an exhausted character or end the nightmares of a frightened Friend. Celestia's good whether you play against opponents with a lot of Villains, if you like to play Villains yourself that sometimes frighten your own Friends, or have combos in your deck where being able to un-exhaust a Friend makes your combo even better.

    And then we have this fine feathered Friend:

    While not perhaps awesome or radical enough to be Rainbow Dash's pet, this Eagle is still pretty tenacious. Get him involved in a faceoff or two and you'll have a lightning fast bird who can move to a Problem in time to help challenge a Troublemaker, rush to a Problem and force your opponent into a faceoff, or even help confront at one Problem on your turn, then move to the other Problem during your opponent's turn to help out at a faceoff!

    Oh, and here's that little something extra... a third spoiler, with NO color!

    You might be thinking to yourself, "But Rob, it only costs 2 action tokens to un-frighten a Friend! Why would I play this?" That IS true, but don't forget the consequences your opponent suffers for losing a Troublemaker faceoff:

    • They have to send a character home from the Problem,
    • You've stopped them from defeating the Troublemaker and earning its points,
    • AND you've kept them from confronting the Problem this turn!

    All that, and they STILL need to pay 2 action tokens to un-frighten that Friend if they plan on using it any time soon (or maybe use Princess Celestia up above!). If you tend to use plenty of Troublemakers this might be a great card for you!