• Pony High: Flip the Pool is Here. LOE is Fun!

    Everyone is at BABSCon having a, "Riot!"

    The newest Pony High just popped up! It's barrels of fun. I feel it represents everyone's immediate reaction to not being able to attend BABSCon, from the perspective of, "what if the convention was a successful running competition." Well, I'll just sit here with my chocolate milk, ponies, and video games. Catch it after the break.

    Fresh from the silly little filly who brought us a continuation of the various, "say what," memes we get to enjoy another Pony High! Isn't that great? I love how we get to appropriate things into our fandom. It's lovely.

    On the other hand, Legends of Equestria is hilarious and almost makes up for not being able to chill and party with my bronies and pegasisters over on the beach. You can stack ponies for adorable happiness! 

    I like this game, it's fun to put things on other things.

    These silly ponies were submitted earlier today and now I will attempt to do the same with as many ponies as I can convince to join me. Updates imminent. 

    Hope you all are having a wonderful evening, marshmallows,

     ~Cocoa Delight