• Music of the Day #278

    Candybutt header, because this music of the day reminds me of candy.

    We have 14 songs tonight! Go listen to stuff! 

    [1] Source
    I've Got to Find a Way [2a03 FamiTracker Cover]

    [2] Source
    Sisters At Play

    [3] Source
    Good Morning, Dash (MLP Instrumental)
    Instrumental - Indie

    [4] Source
    Grizzly - Fashion Mare (She's Fabulous)
    Vocal - House

    [5] Source
    The Changeling (Mush Remix)

    [6] Source
    Cold Moonlight (feat. Bloo) - New Sincerity - Callenby
    Vocal - Orchestral

    [7] Source
    Kick Back (Risen Remix)

    [8] Source
    Jastrian - Sonic High
    Instrumental - Electronic

    [9] Source
    Black Gryph0n & Baasik- Quest (PonyFireStone Remix)

    [10] Source
    MLP-Find The Music in You (D3adray Remix)

    [11] Source
    DanteAurora - Adventures (Original Mix)
    Insstrumental - Trance

    [12] Source
    We're gonna make my sister see (Apple Bloom's Chimera Mix)
    Remix - Electronic with vocal splicing

    [] Source
    All Powerful Liteheuz Remix