• Bobs Burgers "Equestrianauts" Episode - Shoutout to Pony Fandom

    Fox show Bob's Burgers looks to be dropping a bit a pony this April. Apparently the concept of "Equestrianauts" happened quite a while ago over on the official Tumblr.

    Have a synopsis:
    In an homage to the “Bronies” subculture, Tina attends her first Equestra-con, a convention based on her favorite animated pony show, “The Equestranauts.” To her surprise, she finds that the show’s fans are middle-aged men (called “Equesticles.”) When a powerful super-fan tricks Tina out of her rare toy pony it’s up to Bob to go undercover and get it back.
    I haven't seen the show myself, but a bunch of you seem to be sending it in, so hopefully it's nothing too negative.  Thanks to Matt with with the first!