• Crystal Gaming Announces Schedule and Winning Prizes

    Crystal Gaming's registration has closed and they are pleased to announce the schedule as well as the prizes available for their event! Want to see what the 16 competing brony teams could win in this TF2 brawl? Check on after the break to find out!

    The registration for Crystal Gaming came to an end almost a week ago, and now the first round of matches have been arranged! During the following weekends, 16 brony teams will be playing against other in a single elimination tournament, which will be streamed live for all of you to watch! You can find the schedule for the matches here!

    For those who haven’t heard of Crystal Gaming, it’s a TF2 tournament which started taking shape at the end of 2013, and was announced roughly a month ago. It’s a tournament created for the brony fandom, and established by the same people as the Finnish brony convention, Crystal Fair, which will be held next summer. For more info about the tournament itself, click here.

    Like we’ve previously announced, there will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, which are as follow:

    1st place:
    - 6 Conscientious Objectors with custom “1st place winner” graphics
    - 12 Keys
    - Prize Donations
    2nd place:
    - 7 Tour of Duty Tickets
    - 6 Conscientious Objectors with custom “2nd place winner” graphics
    - 3 Keys
    3rd place:
    - 7 Tour of Duty Tickets

    Like mentioned above, the 1st place winning team will get all the items donated to our donation bot! If you want to donate some of your TF2 items for the winning team, you can find our charity bot here!

    For more information, click on the links below!

    Community Server IP:
    Tournament server IP:

    Crystal Fair: www.crystalfair.fi