• Herd Census 2014 Released!

    After extensive research by the people behind the Herd Census (with a little help from a certain Purple Smart) we now have the first results for the 2014 census! Have some highlights sent with the census below as well as a link to the huge census itself.

    - Males are down to 81% of the fandom, continuing a trend of more female Bronies
    - Mean Brony age rose 8 months between 2013 and 2014 to 20.88 years
    - Russia is now the #4 country of Brony residence, and US Bronies now make up only 58% of the Herd
    - Utah has the most Bronies per capita in the US, Mississippi continues to trail the pack
    - Median household income for Brony zip codes was $61,578, more than $10,000 over the national median
    - Bronies identifying as 'furry' rose from 17% in 2013 to 21% in 2014.
    - 84% of Bronies identify as exclusively or mainly heterosexual
    - 45% of Bronies are also Anime fans, 19% are comic book fanatics
    - 10% of the fandom joined since Season 3 ended
    - 61% of Bronies approve of Twilight's alicorn status, but more disliked the idea of Equestria Girls than liked it
    - Half of Bronies use YouTube as their primary means of watching the show, 24% of US Bronies watch mainly via The Hub
    - More than a third of Bronies purchased a MLP comic book in the last year
    - Bronies are more open to new experience than the general population and have higher scores on agreeableness, but do not test higher for introversion
    - Twilight Sparkle continues her domination of Statistically Best Pony, and Luna has moved up into third position. 8 Bronies voted for Tom as best pony. Applejack is again left out of the Statistical Mane 6
    - Twilight is also the most identified with pony, but Luna is most liked in episodes.

    Twitter: Calpain