• Rainbow Dash Backpack Now Welcomed at School Once Again

    It popped up over a week ago on ABC News, and since then, pretty much every media organization out there has done a quick story on it.  Grayson was asked to no longer bring his Rainbow Dash backpack to school, and now the head honchos over at the campus are reworking their request and welcoming it with open arms.  Instead of focusing on fixing the issue via removing the Dashie, they are looking into solving the bullying problem at the root.

    As pointed by The Blaze:
    Rhodes said the district has “discussed a number of options to consider in moving forward for Grayson,” all of which include “a safety transition plan and an allowance for Grayson to bring the bookbag to school.”
    I guess making national headlines sends things into overdrive. 

    So now that that is over with, how about we convince all these news organizations to build a giant statue of Luna on the moon? Something we can see with a telescope near the polls.  Get on it citizens of Equestria Daily.