• Random Merch - Watch, Sheets, Bags, and More!

    Time to rock a Rainbow Dash watch.  This one was found over at Target.  If you suck at analog clocks like me, it may doom you with that lack of numbers.

    Thanks to Framwinkle for the image, and head on down below the break for more RANDOM MERCH!

    Pop Outs!

    Standup style pony drawing vectors. 

    Found at: Target
    Thanks to Victor for the image!

    Dash Onsie 

    Found at: BHS
    Thanks to SJArt117 for the image!

    Rain Poncho 

    Be protected... by ponies.

    Found at: Target
    Thanks to Angela for the image!

    Backpack and Bag Collection

    All of them with similar designs. 

    Found at: Wal-Mart
    Thanks to MyBoyJ for the image!

    Hello Kitty Store Merch 

    Another place to get that colt backpack, among other things. 

    Found at: Hello Kitty Store in New York
    Thanks to whostolemybox for the image!


    Found at: Target
    Thanks to Flutterfan for the image!

    New Comforter and Sheets

    Cover ALL THE BEDS

    Found at: Target
    Thanks to Flutterfan again for the image!

    Window Curtains

    Is there anything in a room that can't be ponified? 

    Found at: Walmart
    Thanks to Lordelliott for the image!