• Analysis Compilation - Leap of Faith

    Those things are kinda creepy!

    TIME FOR WAR.  Some liked it, others didn't.  Who do you agree with? Who do you want to send angry emails to? Don't send them to me.  I'm just the messanger!

    It's weird how fast the analysis community grew. Seeing them slowly convert over to loads of custom animations and effects is a good thing.

    Now go get them below!

    [1] Source
    TBBBAP Episode 17: Leap of Faith (MLP:FiM Season 4 Episode 20)

    [2] Source
    Taking "Leap of Faith" Too Seriously

    [3] Source
    Leap of Faith Review

    [4] Source
    Ace Analyst: Leap of Faith Review/Analysis

    [5] Source
    FiMpressions: Leap of Faith

    [6] Source
    My Little Analysis - Leap of Faith