• "Leap of Faith": Episode Followup

    WOAH, I'm actually doing an Applejack episode followup.  How the hay did that happen?

    Yes good citizens of Equestria Daily, I do have a bad reputation when it comes to Ponyville's #1 applebucker.  In fact, before this episode, I was never much of a fan of the apple family in general.  Good ol' country livin' and ancient tradition just ain't my style.  She and her apple loving kin always seemed a bit bland in my book. We have rainboomer, adorkable super mage, partiespartiesparties, crazy cat lady, and heart attack bait stealing the spotlight.  I just didn't have room for her!

    NO MORE THOUGH.  Applejack has been redeemed!  Why, for a good two or three hours yesterday she even hit the very top of my best pony tier list! I never thought that would happen, just like I never thought I'd be up until 7am doing a giant post about cartoon horses.  Life sure is crazy. But also reliable. Like GLORIOUS Applejack. So Reliable. All the time. Best Pony.  

    Enough blabbering.  Go get some standout stuff below the break with a bunch of screenshots! You earned it. Do it for Applejack. 

    Just look at Appleponi.  Look how cute she is.  The cutest pony.

    And don't even get me started on Granny Smith.  I have no idea what the benefits of that giant hat thing are when it comes to the aerodynamics of plummeting toward a tiny swimming pool, but she looks cute in it.  

    Is that Benjamin Franklin on the bottom there?  And Nikola Tesla on the right? Can you even debate that? I didn't think so.  I can however debate the need for Tesla to get past that dumb dealership law in New Jersey.  Those cars need to be sold! ELECTRIC CARS ARE THE FUTURE.




    (Not Mando, take a joke people!)


    I'm actually kind of surprised these guys are back after being run out of Ponyville last time. Technically they starred in the last episode I liked Applejack in, mainly because she trampled all over the ending moral.  I never was a fan of the letters to Celestia or morals.  You all better not actually be learning anything from this show.  I'd be afraid if you were.  Very afraid...  

    Gooood... One step closer to a side series about a timelord pony.  Get on it Hasbro.   

     I have no idea what to say about this but I screencapped it so there you go. I can say that this was an excellent followup to the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 song.  We need more shows with this style of music. 

    Did you all name her yet? Do we still do that? It's almost overwhelming how many there are now. Lets just hope those are fake parasprites on her hat instead of dead parasprites.  That would just be creepy.  Though, on the other hand, a creepy pony might be fun.  There aren't really any of those yet unless you bring in to account some of those Lyra fanfics where she visits earth. I've read some things.

    Wasn't the tonic supposed to cure the need for 3 inch thick glasses? 

    That one on the right should just keep the braces.  Is there anything these characters wear that isn't cute?!

     I don't even want to know what she did to need bandages on her ears. 

    That is just terrifying.  Someone clip those unshorn fetlocks before I puke.

    Flam's expression matches mine perfectly.

    This seems to be happening a lot lately.  Season 4 is FILLED WITH BUTTS.

    My destiny is a... mouse? Can you imagine living in a world where your entire life revolves around whatever just happens to appear on your flank once you are old enough to work?

    This is either genius or typical apple family logic.   

    You know that feeling you get when you are watching a video on the weird side of Youtube at 3am labeled "REALLY BAD ARM BREAK, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED", and it's 3 minutes long without a timestamp on where it actually happens? That's how the rest of this episode was for me whenever Granny Smith was on the screen.  I was on the edge of my seat waiting for that horrifying snap.  I'm so glad it never happened. 

    Is that a badly drawn Trixie over there on the right?! Did she finally make it into season 4?! You can't refute it so it MUST be true! You rock DHX! Woohoo!

     Last season started it, and this season perfected it.  Why, back in my day, ponies sitting like humans was a once in a season thing! Where would Lyra be without it? Would she be anywhere near as influential as she is today? Probably.  More on that way below.

    And for "that" crowd: 10/10 HIPS CRAFTED FROM YEARS OF APPLEBUCKIN.


     It was around this point where I started the Applejack love.  You see, in the world of whatever I'm thinking at whatever hour of the day, Apples isn't too well known for her logic. Since the early days of Applebuck season, she has always come off as sort of a "deal with it with the hooves instead of the brain and common sense" sort of girl (not that I know girls with hooves in real life). This episode changed a lot of that once she started getting buried.  

    But enough about Applejack, it's time for a....


    Oh Lyra, you never fail to lighten up our days.  Even when you drop a hipster style 3/10 while everyone else gives it a 7/10, you instantly redeem yourself with your greatest feature.   No, I'm not talking about hands or an obsession with humans,  I'm talking about that face right down there.

    It is my highly researched and nearly impenetrable theory that Lyra here was secretly planted into the show for much more sinister means.  One of those early animators (who was a former mad scientist) saw potential while looking through the beta background pony files, and decided to run a study on pony induced mind control. The golden eyes, the minty hair, and dat infectious grin are dead giveaways.  Lyra was meant to take over your minds and convert you the second she popped up.  There is no other explanation.  Why else would we all be here watching this? Story? World? Music? dat  Plot? No, It's ALL Lyra! 

    Just look at that face.  They must have an entire repository of extra Lyra expressions. 

    Case in point, check out that side bar popular post section.  Recognize someone?  That's right,  you all got scienced.  I tested my theory on Lyra mind control, and she ended up in the popular post section even with Applejack as the main point of it. I love Apples Apples Apples now, but lets face it, she isn't usually a beacon of popularity.

    I think it's safe to say at this point that...




    I'm not too sure what to think of standing fillies.  That's a little strange. 

    I want one of those posters for my room. Get on it minions!

    That's almost overboard on the derp back there.  Her eyes are going to roll back into her head if they keep going like that. 

    Name them! Unless they already have names, then just yell at me for sucking at knowing the new pony names.

    And then we hit my pinnacle of respect orange pony.  She has finally evolved!  She got that characterization quirk I've been waiting for! The entire scene with her flipping out at Granny Smith for being completely off her rocker was great.  Good work Applejack! My eyes have been opened.  No more will we joke about background ponies here on EQD.  AS RESIDENT DICTATOR I FORBID IT!

    Best pony looks good in rainbows~

    Wait so... were the giant glasses fake all along? He kinda threw those down like he didn't need them to begin with. 

    Morals morals lessons lessons ect ect just look at how cute Applejack is.  Who's a silly pony? Not you Applejack! That's my little Einstein reborn right there!

    Overall, I'd say that was easily my favorite episode revolving around her.  Josh Haber really rocked it!  I'm not one for long speeches down here at the bottom of these, but I really love the way she was characterized this time around. From the way she handled letting granny have a good time, to her response when granny went overboard, It was interesting to see her deal with a much more difficult situation than is normally thrown at her.  While her choices were not flawless, they were still a ton of fun.  I'm looking forward to more of her single pony shenanigans come season 5. 

    And if you want all these screenshots without saving each manually, have a download