• Story: Escort Flight


    Author: georg
    Description: On Hearth’s Warming Eve, the reluctant Night Guard Pumpernickel has been assigned an escort mission in the northern part of Equestria that will take him away from his wife, friends and family for all of the night.

    And he will remember it forever.

    Based on the long standing tradition of the U.S. Air Force escorting Santa Claus on Christmas Eve to ensure his flight across North America is unhindered. Starting in 1955 by way of a wrong number, it has grown into an international program where the nations of the world unite in a spirit of peace and friendship for one night. You can track the jolly old reindeer by way of the Norad Tracks Santa website. Even though it does not show Equestria, all good little colts and fillies can be assured that Luna’s Night Guard are hard at work on this special night.
    Escort Flight

    Additional Tags: Santa Hooves and Night Guards