• We Love Fine Design a Pony Contest - Winner #1 Announced, Still Ongoing

    The year-long We Love Fine Design a Pony Contest has released it's first winner.  The Luna design above will be taking the first slot of many.  Have a quote about the piece:

    Jackie's winning design is a stunning portrait of duality entitled "Reflections," which really captures the Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon dynamic! Around the interwebs,  Jackie is known as "Steve Holt!" And in her own words: "I once played Michael Jordan in the 1996 cinematic smash hit, Space Jam. When I'm not slamming sweet jams I'm working on my Illustration degree. I watch cartoons too. Thank you."

    Expect the second victory to be announced on February 25th! Submissions are still open over here if you want to give it a shot!