• Stay Brony My Friends Charity - Coalition for the Homeless

    It's been awhile, but Stay Brony My Friends has a new charity to support this week that they hope you guys can get behind! After all, you want to help Rainbow Dash fight homelessness, don't you?

    Take a look after the break for the charity information as well as some tidbits on what prizes can be won if you participate!

    Another Stay Brony My Friends show is in the books and this week we had Sarah Fader and her 5 year old Son Ari the Brony. Sarah is known as Old School Mom, New School Mom with a blog on Huffington post. A wonderful time was had by all with great questions and talk about old animations as well as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    The Charity Sarah  and Ari have chosen is Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. in New York City.
    This winter, it's been cold back East. Really, really cold. Cold enough to kill.
    When you're homeless in weather like this, getting help is more than the difference between being hungry and fed. It's the difference between life and death, in a very real, immediate way. It's the difference between a roof over your head and sub-zero temperatures. And it's where YOU can be that difference.

    Ari and Sarah Fader have asked us to show what bronies can do to make that difference, and show them we shall! The Coalition for the Homeless is a dedicated, caring organization who understand the immediate needs of homeless people, and who are in a position to do something about it. Your support translates directly into life-saving support for the people who need it the most.
    We're on it, Ari. You've showed us the way.

    By going to this link: http://www.manliestbrony.com/blog/?p=1007 you can find out how to help! Give aways this time are an MLP Dog tag,  a pack of trading cards from the game, an unopened blind bag pony series 1, and the new Rainbow Power Twilight Sparkle!
    If we break 500 bits, the drawing winner will also get a Rainbow Dash prize pack consisting of a coffee mug, heart shaped tin of candies, socks, and a TY Rainbow Dash doll donated by our fan Pink Pearl Apple.  

    Thank you to those that have helped us with our Charity Drives in the past and also to those of you who will continue to help in the future, as well as you new fans!