• Random Merch: Watches, Stamps, Crafty Stuff, Teddy Bear, and More!

    Hot Topic has added a pretty neat watch to their stock of mass pony merch.  This one was found in store by @JitterBlend and a bunch of others.  It shouldn't be too hard to locate!

    Head on down below for loads of RANDOM MERCH!

    Stamp Set

    Found at Target in Finland by Imperial Pint! Stamp stuff!

    Tiy Eggs

    It looks like they include blindbag style transluscent ponies

    Found in Russia by TornatoTwist!

    Odd Teddy Bear Shaped Twilight

    This one was founded in an Argos Catalogue. Apparently a company called Design A Bear makes it over in Europe.

    Thanks to @Robyn_5SOS for the heads up!

    Rainbow Power Colorups

    I guess Rainbow Power is seeping into the craft world too! Found by Lala in Texas at Walmart.

    Equestria Girls Notebooks

    Looks like these are popping up over in Brazil. A site called Tilibra has them listed at the moment.  I'm sure we will see them flood everywhere else soon.  Thanks to Daieny for the heads up!

    Grab and Go Play Back / Pop-Outz Take n' Play 

    More crafty stuff!  Found by ally at Jo-Ann Fabrics


    And finally, some bandages found at H&M.  Thanks to @no_trick_pony for those!