• Celebrational Classic Ponified Weird Al Polkas!

    Time to dig into the classics, with a bit of honorary celebration. Weird Al was totally a thing, and what caused that to happen in the first place? Ponifying his stuff! For those that aren't aware of the history here, someone linked him a PMV called "Pony Polka" from FluttershyElsa way back in 2011. After a bit of talking with his buddy William Anderson (Friendship is Magic's Background music guy), we got the episode that aired today. 

    Without further adieu, find the original Pony Polka and all the other oldschool PMV's made by the same person below!

    [1] Source
    PMV - Pony Polka

    [2] Source
    PMV - Angry Pony Polka-video II

    [3] Source
    PMV - Pony Polka Power-video III

    [4] Source
    PMV - Pony Polkas on 45-video IV

    [5] Source
    PMV - Pony Polka Your Eyes Out-video V

    [6] Source
    PMV - Pony Polka Face-video VI

    [7] Source
    PMV - Hooked on Pony Polkas-video VII