• PonyCon AU Streaming Now!

    PonyCon AU is on and Ponyville Live! and friends are streaming the whole event this weekend. Check on after the break for all the information on what you can catch on the stream.

    Sounds like an awesome time!

    Ponyville Live! Presents PonyCon AU from Melbourne, Australia, Streaming All Weekend Long:
    PonyCon AU 2014 is back for another year of awesome pony fun, live events, and great guests from the land down under!
    This year, Ponyville Live! stations Fillydelphia Radio and The Hive Radio have partnered with Celestia Radio to provide a joint stream of the event in its entirety, from the concerts, to the interviews, to the main panels.
    You can catch the PonyConAU stream right on the Ponyville Live! homepage.
    Tune in to the stream
    The full schedule of PonyConAU activities can be found on their timetable page.
    Some highlights that will be streamed live from the convention coverage team include:
    • PonyCon AU After Dark Concert #1Starts today at 3:30am EST (7:30pm AEDT)
      Continuing until 11am EST (2am AEDT)
    • Opening Ceremonies
      Saturday at 5:00pm EST (9am AEDT)
    • PonyCon AU After Dark Concert #2Starts tomorrow at 3:30am EST (7:30pm AEDT)
      Continues until Sunday 11am EST (2am AEDT)
    Tune in for these excellent events, and other awesome panels and events all weekend long!