• Story: My Little Castlevania


    Author: Brony_Fife
    Description: Every one hundred years, the forces of good mysteriously weaken, and Dracula gains enough strength to rise from his grave. And every one hundred years, the Belmont family stands and fights against him, eternally locked into a war between good and evil.

    His castle, always waiting for its master, has now appeared in a faraway land, called "Equestria". In its sudden appearance, it has also stolen away the very goddesses that protect this land. With no goddesses to guide their subjects, good begins to falter in Equestria.

    This land, governed by ponies that behave as humans, has lost its innocence. Time begins to move according to its own dementia. The earth has begun to rot. The mountains, skies, and rivers teem with unspeakable evils. The dead have begun to rise...

    Dracula has come to Equestria, where there is no Belmont to stop him...
    My Little Castlevania

    Additional Tags: An MLP/ Castlevania crossover!