• Bronyville Podcast 2013 Golden Muffin Awards Nomination Form

    Bronyville is running an event for the end of the year, covering just about every aspect of the fandom and show.  Who is your favorite villian? Which meme could you not get enough of? It's pretty much all here.  Have the official description: 

    It's that time of year! No, not the holidays! It's time for all of those frivolous end of the year discussions and awards! And Bronyville Podcast is celebration the 2013 Golden Muffin Awards Show on December 28th. And this year, to spice things up, we're opening up the nominations to the entire fandom. So, feel free to vote away to nominate in any of the following categories. But act fast! Nominations will end on the 19th of December and voting on the finalists will begin. Good luck and may the best pony win!

    Get the entry form over here, and a list of categories below the break.