• Golden Muffin Awards Final Vote

    The totally silly and not to be taken seriously Golden Muffin Awards have hit the final stage of voting, with a bunch of categories and nominations within for the masses to select their choices from!  Everything from the charity events to the drama events are included.  Head on down below for the full release, or just go vote.

    Note: Nominations were chosen based on the previous poll.  Blame your friends if something is on there you didn't want to see!

    Golden Muffin Voting Ends Tomorrow Night (12/31, 12 PM)

    The Second Annual Bronyville Golden Muffin Award is the longest running and most/least prestigious award in all of the fandom. And you can still cast your vote for the 2013 reward ceremony that will take place at 4 PM EST/ 1 PM PST on Saturday, January 4th over at justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast

    Q: Do we have to vote on everything?
    A: No. The only required votes are the last page which is the show related voting. Any of the 'Nasties' or the Fandom Community Awards can be ignored if you don't wish to vote or don't know which to vote for.

    Q: Hey! I really like 'X' and it's not up for voting!
    A: We took nominations earlier this month for categories. The top 5 responses from those nominations became those the community votes upon.

    Q: Why do you have 'Nasty' Awards? Isn't that mean/rude/against the show's spirit/HULK SMASH!
    A: Hey woah, calm down there fella. We got some flack for having negative awards. The means of these are more a reflection of the last year and will not be used simply to shame any person or group. Se consider it important to talk about the good and the bad which happened in the year as means of being more responsible in our own fandom. Also, any votes listed were also nominated by the fandom themselves and are not picked by any of the awards staff directly. So, bear that in mind. If it makes you uncomfortable then just don't vote on it. Simple as that. "Just repeat to yourself it's just a show. I should really just relax."