• Music of the Day #239

    I bet Lyra is jealous of Blossomforth.  Remember when she was just a Hasbro recolor toy? I'm glad she got some love.

    Anyway, onward to music! We have a playlist this time too for those feeling adventurous.  That's what Music of the Day is all about isn't it? Adventuring into the unknown!

    Anyway, get it all below.


    [1] Source
    Screams From Equestria Ft Crowcaller - Cheerilee's Garden
    Vocal - Scremo

    [2] Source
    I'm A Rarity by Magic Rhyme
    Vocal - Rap

    [3] Source
    [Drumstep] Synthis - Broken Wings (Proctra Remix)
    Remix - Drumstep

    [4] Source
    [Progressive House] Daniel Ingram : Raise This Barn (KLBI Remix)
    Remix - Progressive House

    [5] Source
    Fly Free (BNR Cover)
    Vocal - Rock

    [6] Source
    Feather ~ Leaving Colours [SHM: Komponi Remix]
    Remix -

    [7] Source
    EmberDash - What Lies Beneath
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [9] Source
    Esttel - Perfectly Shy (feat. Tellab)

    [10] Source
    Derpy Suite: Time to say Good Night - Flutterlover
    Instrumental - Orchestral Folk

    [11] Source
    Bats (Protect the Orchard Mix)

    [12] Source
    WolfOfSadness - Hearts Strong as Horses