• Album Compilation - December 11th

    Time to go support those musicians, and fill up those playlists.  We have a boatload of albums this month from just about any genre you can think of (alright maybe not any genre). Have some titles and composers:

    • Sands of Time - Cyril the Wolf
    • De Remicks: Vol. 2 - General Mumble
    • d.notive - Cartoon Horse Adventures OST
    • Moonlight Vapours - Ponies at Dawn
    • Gak Attack Vol. 1 - Gak Attack Records
    • Elements of the Musical Equine - Tiethepony

    And get the full album information sheets below! 

    Name: Sands of Time
    Composer: Cyril the Wolf
    Genre: Metal, Rock, Progressive

    Description: "After 9 months of blood, sweat, 3 sets of vocal chord, and several weird rituals involving the moon that many agree to be a little extreme. Cyril presents his third, most ambitious album yet. 13 (14 if you buy it!) tracks of Progressive Rock goodness, including a 6 song cycle featuring songs all about Equestria's best moon princess! Featuring Tarby, DJ Calcos and a few other helping hands this is for all of those who love Luna and enjoy a little thought-provoking rock in their playlists."

    Previews here

    Name: De Remicks: Vol. 2
    Composer: General Mumble
    Genre: Everything

    Description: A compilation of remixes of others by myself, of myself by others, and collaborations between myself and others. Lots of fun and lots of love.

    Name: Cartoon Horse Adventures OST
    Composer: d.notive
    Genre: Chiptune

    Description: Presenting, The Cartoon Horse Adventures OST: The fictional partial soundtrack for the greatest cartoon horse adventure video game never released for the Sega Genesis!

    Pursuing a cunning evil sorcerer, the rogue pony, Keynote, ventures to an alternate dimension. With a car as his familiar, and a synthesizer as his weapon, he vies to foil the dastardly plot before sunrise: before evil can stake its claim to the universe."

    Name: Moonlight Vapours
    Composer: Ponies at Dawn
    Genre: Various

    Description: Revealed by the light of the moon, through the rolling depths of night comes ‘Moonlight Vapours’, the second album by Ponies at Dawn. Born from the shadows, Moonlight Vapours features work from many of the greatest brony artists in Australia and worldwide. Created after the success of ‘Hold Your Rainbow’ with the goal of surpassing it, the album strived to bring together both a higher quality and larger variety of music to the community. With a more organised team, Moonlight Vapours brings the music bronies love at a professional standard you would expect from the mainstream music industry.

    Name: Gak Attack Vol. 1
    Composer: Gak Attack Records
    Genre: Electronic, Breakcore

    Name: Elements of the Musical Equine
    Composer: Tiethepony
    Genre: Trance / Electro

    Description: TeiThePony's First Album ever, which complication, Album consist of mixed pack of electronic music, from trance to electro. 11 tracks for 1 dollar, ain't such a shabby deal to be honest. If you like dance music, be sure to check it out.