• Hearth's Warming Micro-Comic Giveaway: Day 5 of 6

    Welcome, one and all, to the Fifth of the Hearth's Warming Comic Giveaway Event Days!

    Are your pencils at the ready? Then let's begin!

    The Prompt, Day 5:

    Hearth's Warming is a time for family and friends, and good food... and presents! Draw ponies wrapping (or unwrapping!) their presents!

    If you've got a better (more festive, perhaps) idea for a picture, feel free to draw that instead, we won't hold it against you!

    The Colouring Book, Page 5:

    If you don't feel like drawing a picture, then you can instead pick up your crayons and join us as we check up on what Pinkie is doing...

    The above is again from Pixelkitties! Yay!

    Ooh, it looks like Pinkie is playing Extra-Secret Santa! Grab the picture above, or get it from here and then go wild!

    How To Enter:

    Trot on over to this handy-dandy submitter and submit a link to your file along with your name and email address. Feel free to use any publicly accessible image service like imgur, dropbox or picasa, as the submitter only stores thumbnails. Entries will be evaluated by our crack team of trained monkeys and winners will be announced along with tomorrow's event post!


    • Enter only once per day, per category (duplicate entries in the same category not removed from the post lineup, but only the second entry will be considered for a prize)
    • You may enter either the colouring-in category, draw for the prompt category, or both.
    • Prompt-drawn pictures can be B&W, Colour, a comic... it's your choice (also of subject matter if the prompt doesn't tickle you).
    • The winner of today's colouring-in category is chosen at random
    • The winner of today's drawing category is from EqD staff votes
    • Winners will each receive an IDW Micro-Comic Pack
    • Decisions by EqD are final
    • If you win, we'll get in touch to arrange shipping via email/IM/DA/etc
    • As far as I know, international entrants are welcome!

    Any questions/issues/comments? Email me at midnightshadow@equestriadaily.com and/or leave a comment here!

    And the final rule is: Have Fun!

    Note: To make sure everyone gets a chance to enter each day, the opening times are being extended a little. Submissions for day 5 will close when the post for day 6 goes up. This means the winners for day 5 will be announced after the post for day 6, but before the winners of day 6!