• Hearth's Warming Micro-Comic Giveaway Winners and Entrants: Day 3

    And today our runner-up was from Chiweee, with a little Scootalove piece called "Like A Family". You know, I really do wish we had enough prizes for everyone, there have been so many stellar entries, but there can be only two winners!

    Join us after the break for the winners of the third day of the Hearth's Warming Microcomic Giveaway!

    Today's colouring-book winner actually printed it out and coloured it in! Good job!

    So congratulations to BunnyHareRabbit!

    And the winner of the prompt-drawn picture today was another d'aww filled scootaloo pic from Eden

    Dash thinks somepony needs a cuddle. I think she's right!

    Winners will be contacted by a member of staff as soon as possible (or when we can tie Sethisto down long enough). A great big thanks to all entrants so far, and good luck for future days!

    Below we have all the entries, sorted by category. Some entries were not considered for the prize draw, but are still displayed. Previous winners in any category are not put into the running, and since I've allowed two entries per person, a second entry in the same category replaces the first.

    First are the entries for the colouring-in category

    PrincessMac - Mane6swag

    I tried to vector the Pinkula one... Bad idea... Better stick to using GIMP for now.
    13 Big Mac is the Prettiest Princess - Milano

    (I'd like to note that I haven't used my DevArt in a long time, nor did I ever use it very much. So there's not a lot there which is why I didn't include that direct link)
    14 Best Alicorn Princess - Cody11533

    Coloring during Finals is relaxing.
    20 Big Mac Color In - Devon78303

    This is for the color in for Big Mac!

    Second are the entries for the prompt-drawn category

    Alicorn Sea Swirl - In the Snow - Lucas Pratt

    Just having some fun with the beautiful vector I made of my darling Sea Swirl as an Alicorn.:3 She looks like she's having so much fun!
    The Purple - Jamie Tipton

    I have no original ideas.
    Rainbow Dash Snowboarding - ntsevenfour

    This is a good opportunity to get back into the rhythm and learn to draw some more, so here's what I got.
    11 Shkle's Happy Hearth's Warming - MyBoyJ

    Here we have a "photograph style greeting card" starring my OC, Shkle. Ugly sweater and all.
    12 Changing Seasons - Hydrus Beta

    Holes don't serve very well as shields against snowballs
    15 Star fishing - Gabriela

    I used Acrylic so the colors appeared slightly darker. It is based of another artwork that was digital media. This is a traditional media tribute to the original Star Fishing.
    18 Cadence + Shining Armor Snuggle Basic Pencil B/W - Arkanoid1

    I never drew these two before so here they are snuggling by the fire. I thought I'd try to draw them from looking at one image briefly without re-studying it as I go and just drawing from memory. It took ten minutes and uses no color. I just wanted to contribute at least once so I put this together before something else distracts me or siphons my time as usual. You may have guessed Iรข€™m not exceptionally concerned about winning anything ;-)
    19 If in doubt - flat out! - Nicholas

    Wildfire and Engie crashed their car during rally practice. But c`mon, it`s just a car. They hug, watch at fire, consuming their work, and think that at least they won`t spend holidays digging under the hood. Cause car is totalled. And burned. And after that it will freeze in that forest. So, it`s time to have some family holidays, finally.
    23 Ponies playing in the snow - Happy Switch

    First you wanted ponies playing in the snow. Again. So I give you ponies playing in the snow. Look at them wrestling, isn't it adorable? THEN you wanted ponies cuddling by a fire. So you get both.
    26 Somepony Needs a Cuddle... - Eden

    Sorry I entered late D: I hope this is okay :)
    27 Playing in the Snow - Anna

    Cherilee is judging the annual Filly Snow-Building Contest. Unfortunately, Scoots wasn't able to make it , she was helping Rainbow Dash gather clouds to prepare for the next snowfall. Sigh, Derpy, is that ANOTHER muffin?
    28 Over for Tea - Frith

    After the trot through Whitetail Wood, Fluttershy got invited in for tea by the pot-bellied stove. There are three deer in the picture. ^_^ If you notice my sketches, you can always drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org, where anonymous commenting works and there's also OpenID. The email addy I use is bogus... it might exist, but I've never looked. Just drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org. ^_^ I'm so happy that there's a 'training-ground' style challenge this week on EqD. I just so happened to have planned a week's vacation for this week!

    And a late (but still good!) entry from jestigrrl! Aww!