• Music of the Day #212

    It's a small one today.  I blame the slowing down of music submissions.  I guess everyone threw their all into Halloween!

    Get 8 songs below the break in our usual MOTD post!

    [1] Source
    Snow Fall Original By: Midnight Rain

    [2] Source
    The Final Dance - Panic
    Instrumental - House

    [3] Source
    [Dubstep] EDM Rainbow Dash
    Instrumental - Dubstep

    [4] Source
    Screams From Equestria - The Howl Of The Timber Wolf
    Vocal - Death Metal

    [5] Source
    Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville (Rock Cover by Caine)
    Remix - Rock

    [6] Source
    Valkyrie's Amorosity - Spitfire - Reverbrony
    Instrumental - Prog Rock

    [7] Source
    Neighsayer - Taking Off
    Instrumental - Rock

    [8] Source
    Mathematicus - A Broken Clock in the Factory Basement