• 48/66 Days of Pony - Hurricane Fluttershy

    Just three weeks after Fluttershy starred in Putting Your Hoof Down, she showed up again in what can probably be considered one of her more popular episodes.

    Hurricane Fluttershy contained a lot of moments that have quickly become classic.  I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone about Fluttershy’s tree disguise, or the musical training montage.  We also got a little character development on the part of both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.  We learned more about Fluttershy’s past, and I for one endlessly appreciated the way Dash kept catching herself being too harsh, and speaking more gently for Fluttershy’s sake.

    Combine that with the reappearance of the ever-popular Spitfire, and the first appearances of many new background pegasi, and we had an episode that I felt was top-tier.

    But why listen to me ramble about it when you could just watch it?  Head below the break for Hurricane Fluttershy.