• Convention Compilation - November 4th

    Looks like the major cons are all flooding in now with new stuff.  You know the drill.  Have some headlines:

    BronyCon 2014 site launch: dates, venue and registration announced
    Everfree Northwest 2014: Openings in Staff Positions
    Canterlot University Starts Crowdfunding
    Tickets are now on sale for the Grand Brony Gala - Two!

     And full press releases below the break!

    BronyCon 2014 site launch: dates, venue and registration announced

    BronyCon is pleased to announce that it will be returning to Baltimore, Md., for next year’s convention to be held Aug. 1-3, 2014, at the Baltimore Convention Center.

    The website for BronyCon has been revamped for its convention taking place in 2014. Travel information, hotels, policies, panel submissions and much more can be found on the new site, so check it out.


    Pre-registration will cost $70 for the weekend badge, however there is an early bird special for the first 500 pre-registrants that will cost only $60. Badges will cost $80 at the door, so don’t miss out on this special opportunity and register now by selecting the “3-Day” badge option. There are also multiple different sponsor levels for all of you who want the extra perks.

    Room blocks:

    Rooms are now available at BronyCon's host hotel the Hilton Baltimore, offering a discounted convention rate of $139 per night, so head over to the hotel page to book your room today. More hotels will be opening up at a discounted rate at a later time.

    For more information on BronyCon 2014, visit the new website. Thank you to everyone who came out and made BronyCon 2013 the greatest fandom event yet, and we look forward to seeing you next year. Please come by and share any of your stories with us or any anticipation for next year on our forums!

    Everfree Northwest 2014: Openings in Staff Positions

    Hello readers, convention goer’s, and keyboard surfers! Everfree Northwest here, and we’d like to tell you about the Everfree convention scene and how you can get involved. We are already hard at work planning and preparing for the 2014 convention season. Our goal is to bring joy and fun to those who attend Everfree Northwest, but running a convention is no easy or small task; It takes many people with several different talents and skill sets to create. But with your involvement Everfree Northwest 2014 will be double the fun!

    Registration Lead:

    Everfree Northwest is currently seeking to hire the leader of the Registration team. This is a very important job—after all, there wouldn't be a convention without attendees! The Registration Lead will work with the IT department to create the best registration experience possible for attendees, both online and day-of the convention. They will need to develop a plan of action for taking care of registration at con, including requesting supplies and planning ways to improve the structure of lines and the way Registration is run as a whole if necessary. For those who love planning and organizing, this is a job for you!

    Visual Arts Lead:

    The Visual Arts Lead of Everfree Northwest will be responsible for planning and coordinating the arts and crafts room at the con, and perhaps a few other art related events. This will require prior planning and work throughout the year. Visual Arts is a sub-department of Events, and can turn to the Director of Events for advice or aid if necessary, although they will likely be equipped to handle the duties of the position on their own. This is a great position for someone who is very in tune to the fandom art scene, and loves every creative thing the fandom outputs.

    Video Production Lead:

    Do you have a passion for videography and video editing? Than this is the job for you! The Video Production Lead will work to create promotional videos advertising for the convention throughout the year. In addition, they will work alongside the Director of Events to work on any visuals that will be needed for the mane stage at the convention. These visuals will need to be created throughout the year, and the Video Production Lead will also be responsible for setting up and running them at con. Any other video production needs the convention has, the Video Production Lead will handle as well!

    Answer Desk Manager:

    One of the first people both attendees and staff will turn to at the convention, the Answer Desk Manager is sure to be a fast paced and busy job! The Answer Desk Manager will be in charge of answering questions and providing information to both attendees and staff, and must remain positive! Customer service skills are a must for this job! The Answer Desk Manager will also be in charge of their own staff team at the con. The Answer Desk will be a hub of information of all kinds, and the staff manning it will need to be as informed as possible about all details of the convention events and spaces. This is sure to be a fun and fast moving job!

    So if you readers, convention goer’s, and keyboard surfers would like to help Everfree Northwest with your talents and skills shoot us an email at [email protected]. More positions and ways to get involved are opening up all the time, so be sure to keep an eye out for future announcements.

    If you want to know what we’re up to check us out on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and tumblr.

    Canterlot University Starts Crowdfunding

    Canterlot University, Singapore's first ever MLP:FiM convention has begun its crowdfunding campaign! Hop on over to http://fund.canterlotuniversity.com to check out the perksand presents available to you should you donate! There's lots of merchandise and tickets for those who support us so grab them while they're hot!
    Also, this campaign is offline payment friendly, meaning that if you don't have a credit card or PayPal account, you can still contribute through offline methods like direct deposit, cheques and even payments in cash! All the information you need is right there on http://fund.canterlotuniversity.com.

    Tickets are now on sale for the Grand Brony Gala - Two!


    This will be a full Three Day Convention!
    Aug 15-17th and in a bigger, more beautiful hotel right down the road from Busch Gardens, Tampa!

    The Embassy Suites - USF/Busch Gardens
    3705 Spectrum Blvd
    Tampa, FL 33612

    Discounted SUITES are available and can sleep up to 6 comfortably. See our website for details.

    Events so far include;
    Vendors Room
    Artist Alley
    Game Room
    Main Events Room (and we hope to book some show celebrities, but more on that later!)
    Friday Dance with live band
    Saturday Gala with FOOD, STAGE SHOW and LIVE BAND
    Games and Prizes!So get your tickets NOW while they are at their lowest price!
    Prices will go up Feb 1st and May 1st.