• Live Kiki Birthday Fundraiser for RMHC

    Gotta love events! Especially ones that focus on charity raising! We have another one from Bronies for Good coming up on the 12th of October.  Head on down below the break for the full press release!

    Birthday Fundraiser in Honor of Kiki Havivy

    October 3 would’ve been Kiki Havivy’s 8th birthday if she didn’t succumb to brain cancer in early June. Hence Tara Strong had the idea for a birthday fundraiser for a renowned US charity that greatly helped the Havivy family in their years of struggle.

    After our last unsuccessful attempt to organize a livestream event within just one day, we—Bronies for Good and the Brony Thank You Fund—have spent the past week planning it properly again for this weekend.

    Tune into our dedicated livestream page this October 12 at 6 p.m. EDT for charity auctions and even the chance to win autograph cards by Tara Strong and for a chance to bid on awesome items like this:

    For many people, Kiki’s fight against cancer was truly an inspiration. In the spirit of those ‘Hope’ posters that we have all seen, brony artist Ol’ Sarge consulted with the Havivy family for their permission and created ‘Inspire’ based on Nathan Barlow’s design of Kiki’s OC as his tribute to Kiki and her long and heroic fight against cancer. During BronyCon 2013, the attending VAs signed this 24″ × 36″ print with the hopes that it will help raise money for children’s cancer research. This print comes framed, but it can be removed and framed by your own frame shop.
    The livestream page: broniesforgood.org/stream/

    The fundraiser page: rmhcgroupgive.kintera.org/global/kiki4childrenshealth

    All further details will be announced during the stream. Don’t miss it!

    Every day approximately 250 children just like Kiki die from cancer. Let us retroactively make October 3 a day to remember the struggles of the tens of thousands just like the Havivys and help them prevail over the disease!