• 24/66 Days of Pony - Owl's Well That Ends Well

    The mane six having pet companions was just a marketing thing, I suppose- another accessory for any pony figurines to have. The running joke upon seeing most of Twilight's friends with pets (sans Rainbow Dash, of course, but hers was to come in another season) was to ask where her pet was, and the answer was usually Spike. His fans got their due karma with this episode, which gave Twilight her very own superpowered owl capable of outsmarting a dragon. The big one at the end, not Spike. Pitchforks down.

    For days following the episode no one was certain of how to pronounce the owl's name, which Twilight does say several times but never clearly enough to nail down a spelling (with apologies to Tara Strong- maybe the mixing was bad). The name had to be clarified by Lauren Faust as being spelled "Owlowiscious", but she would have preferred it being spelled "Owloysius", which is closer to the real name "Aloysius", which is Germanic in nature and means 'fame and war'. Suddenly this episode got a whole lot darker, but hey, we got a spiked punch joke out of it.

    Be sure to catch Owlowiscious, Unpronounceable Owl Of War after the break.

    Very disappointed that there's nothing to caption here. I need a new episode.