• Discussion: A Side Character Gets an Episode... And Becomes an Alicorn

    The big wigs over at our hypothetical fandom absorbing Hasbro office have another blank check to give out! With Twilight Sparkle slowly becoming old news in the world of little girls super special princess pony merchandise, they need a new alicorn!  Little girls only like alicorn princesses after all!

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to pick a side character who will receive an entire two-part episode based around their ascension to princessdom. The guys in suits need a short few sentence synopsis on how exactly she will acquire her new wings and horn, and a location for them to rule within Equestria

    Examples of side ponies: 
    Photo Finish
    Sapphire Shores
    The Greatest and Most Powerful Trixie
    (Basically anyone that has spoken lines and has had a pony say their name in the show). 

    Hit those comments up with your pick and episode synopsis! 

    Hard Mode: Pick a male pony and explain how you will market him to little girls