• 43/66 Days of Pony - Hearts and Hooves Day

    If there is one thing this fandom just loves to do a ridiculous amount of, it's shipping ponies. There isn't a character out there that hasn't been hooked up with someone at least once.  Nine out of ten times it would be a female pony with a female pony, but one colt lucked out.  Big Mac had almost two years of free reign over the ladies of Ponyville if fanfiction was any indication, so how did he match up in the real canon?

    Hearts and Hooves day actually leaked a day early on iTunes, so the huge rush of talking about it was quelled a bit.  It's almost beautiful how all watching an episode at the same time sets the comment/forum posting into overdrive.  As much as I liked sleeping in that day, I missed it.

    The episode itself came with yet another song, the first of which starred all three CMC not being forced to sing badly.   We saw rainbows vacuumed, ponies playing video games (and the precursor to the rise of Button Mash), confirmation of death, and whatever this thing is:

    Anyway, get your Hearts and Hooves below the break!