• Album Compilation - October 30th

    Halloween seems to have sparked a few extra albums for you all, along with some older ones that have been camping the folder for a bit. I'd recommend you go support those musicians that have entertained most of you for the last two years! This is the best way to do it.

    Have a list:

    The Fantasy - d.notive 
    Sleep Cycle - Mbulsht
    Amity Lines - Cherax Destructor
    Frame - Taps
    Monsters and Magic - General Mumble
    Dark Acquaintance - My Little Creeper
    Voices of the Dead - Nicolas Dominique 

    And links with information below!

    The Fantasy
    Artist: d.notive
    Genre: Electronic

    Descrption: This album represents the culmination of nearly two years of growth and hard work. I invite you to join me as I tell the tale of this journey, with each track letting the fantastic tale unfold.

    You are welcome to enjoy the basic album absolutely free of charge, but if you're so inclined, you may purchase this album and enjoy 5 additional bonus tracks.

    Sleep Cycle
    Artist: Mbulsht
    Genre: Orchestral/Electronic

    Descrption: A fifteen-minute journey through the world of dreams. Since it's October, I felt it appropriate to make this release about Luna and her connection to her sleeping subjects. All proceeds go to helping me get out to Night Mare Nights Dallas.

    Amity Lines
    Genre: Friendship-hop

    Descrption: A compilation of fandom remixes from friendship-hop pioneer Cherax Destructor. From the melancholic beats of First Night Alone and orchestral rap of A New Chapter, through to the hyper-rhythmic electronica of Constellations and the crazy crescendoes of the title track, there's truly something for everyone!

    Artist: Taps
    Genre: Electronic

    Monsters and Magic
    Artist: General Mumble
    Genre: Electronic

    Descrption: All songs written and composed by General Mumble, except:
    "Consumed (You're Doomed)" written and produced by General Mumble and Daemien

    Dark Acquaintance
    Artist: My Little Creeper
    Genre: Electronic

    Voices of the Dead
    Artist: Nicolas Dominique
    Genre: Electronic/Progressive/Dark

    Descrption: Let's hear the not sugar and spice story about Cloudsdale's Weather Facility, which hides some dark secrets...

    This album contains the 5 tracks of the “Voices” story: Intro, Machine For Ponies, Pegasus Device, Lost and Cold and Suspended (Between Wakefulness and Sleep).
    I have also added Machine For Ponies track without the intro, I Try My Best to Block Out the Screams, and the preview track of that album and short music story “The Truth about little Dashie” where she discovers that she's not real...

    Buyers will receive more! 3 more bonus tracks are waiting for you, including the demo of a brand-new tune! Hope you'll like them :)