• Nightly Roundup #778

    That pretty pink toyseller that ended up best pony for at least 30 hours of time since season 2.

    Have some nightly roundup stuff!

    Colgate Reverse Graffiti

    MLP Mystery Audio Series Casting Call 

    Copy Paste:
    A new series casting call in need of talent from the brony fandom. It's a good chance for bronies to show their stuff! Auditions are due October 20th until further notice (may change based on how few or how many auditions).
    Director: Mystery Justice/Angelsongspirit
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    Cosplay Contest

    Copy Paste:

    Halloween is a special night of the year for many people, but in the world of Equestria, it is commonly known as Nightmare Night, where we pay homage to the dreaded Nightmare Moon. In keeping with the tradition, Canterlot Radio is offering up a great way to pay tribute to the Mare in the Moon, and get rewarded for it. Canterlot Radio is throwing its’ first ever Nightmare Night MLP Cosplay Contest, and we want you to enter and show off your incredible Cosplay skills.
    While we don’t have candy to give away to you MLP cosplayers, we do have something sweeter. We have prizes for third, second, and first place in our cosplay contest and they are as follows.

    Continued over here.


    Sketch and Slash Episode one

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    Successful Meetups

    Chilis Florida Meetup

    On Sept. 23, Chili's restaurants donated all of their net profits to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  To support that effort, twelve members of Bronies of South Florida gathered for dinner that evening at a Chili's in Pembroke Pines.  Afterward, they also supported Target and Walmart by shopping for ponies there.

    Event Page
    Photo Album


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Runescape Clan Chat

    Copy Paste:
    Do you play Runescape? Do you like colorful, hyperactive and occasionally silly equines!? Well, I have the Clan Chat for you!
    Generic introductions aside, we welcome you all to pop in and say Hi some time!
    Whether you play for PVM, skilling or just to Chat, we welcome anyone who wishes to join.

    Find it here!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Leftover EQLA Merchandise
    Princess Celestia Sculpture

    This Day in Pony History

    2011: The Heavy from TF2 sings cupcakes
    2012: Pony collection contest! Loads a pony