• Funko Scratch and Octavia Hit Hot Topic

    Two more funko ponies are anow available for pre-order on Hot Topic.  Vinyl Scratch and Octavia each clock in at 16.50 a pop, with the usual transluscent variants.  Get Vinyl here, and Octavia here!

    And as always with these, the hot cash promos below will save you some money:

    $15 off $30  -  KJYT29GQ (Confirmed working)
    $45 off $90  -  YR12KELA (Untested)
    $75 off $150  -  QZ76DRTJ (Untested)

    Hot Cash promos also give $1 2-3 day shipping at the moment, so double the savings! 

    Happy shopping! Thanks to Quid for the first, and everyone else for the heads up!